Our customer charter has been created to tell you, as our leaseholders, what standard of service you should expect from us at Subara. This also creates a higher and more consistent standard of customer care that we will strive to achieve.

Who we are and what we do….

Subara is a leading managing agent who manage new and existing developments efficiently but more importantly, does it honestly and a lot more friendlier behalf of RMC and RTM Directors, Developers, Freeholders and Institutional investors.

We aim to provide you with the best service; treating every matter with professionalism, transparency and expertise. We want to make living within your building as easy and manageable for you as possible.

What to expect from us…

Our main objective is to make dealing with your obligation as a leaseholder more efficient for you. We endeavour to ensure that all our owners are treated with the courtesy and respect they deserve as individuals whilst also obtaining comprehensive and quick responses to all enquiries, a service that meets all your requirements.

Our commitments to you…

LLearning and development. We understand that the world of property management is forever changing, so it is our commitment to you that we continue to train and develop our employees so they have the right skills and knowledge
to meet your needs.


EEasy to understand whilst remaining fully comprehensive. We know that not everybody is a property expert and
sometimes dealing with the legal terms held within a lease can be difficult. Therefore we aim to provide full response
whilst ensuring our communication clear to all.


AAccessibility of information. We aim to ensure that you can contact us in ways that are as simple
and manageable for you as possible. We have also designed an information resource where you can easily access
impartial information and advice resources.


SSecurity of your information. It is our promise to you that we will keep all records in relation to you,
your property and your lease safe and secure and we will not share these with
external sources without your prior agreement.


EEfficient. We will try in all cases to answer your communication fully the first time you contact us and
make information available in a number of formats within a reasonable time scale.
Where this is not possible we will keep you informed of progress on your enquiry.