Who are Subara?

Subara is a leading managing agent who manage new and existing developments efficiently but more importantly simply and friendly on behalf of RMC and RTM Directors, Developers, Freeholders and Institutional investors.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of London and surrounding Home Counties

Contacting us?

For full contact details please view our Contact Details page

What is a lease?

A lease is a contract between the leaseholder and the landlord giving conditional ownership of a property. The lease sets out the contractual obligations of the parties.

What is a section 20 consultation?

Section 20 (s20) is a statute clause within the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. This clause is essentially a protection for leaseholders from paying unnecessarily large sums for work carried out to their building. Your contribution for the cost of major works will be capped unless a consultation process is followed.

How can I be sure I owe Ground Rent and that Subara should collect it?

We will only contact you if we have been appointed by your Landlord to collect your Ground Rent. Our client’s title will also be registered at HM Land Registry (www.landregistry.gov.uk) which is available to the public to view.

Upon purchasing the property your acting solicitor should have informed you of your Ground Rent obligations as these form part of your lease. If this was not the case please refer back to your solicitor for more information.

I’ve only just moved into my property but you have sent me a Ground Rent invoice for arrears prior to my ownership.

Ground Rent is based on the property not the owner; under the Limitation Act 1980 you could be liable for up to 6 years of Ground Rent arrears. It is your solicitor’s responsibility to ensure that the Ground Rent account is up to date upon purchase of the premises. If your solicitors have not done this then you may need to seek independent advice.

Can I have a pet?

Your lease will stipulate whether a pet may be kept at the property with consent of the Landlord. Some leases do not provide for any discretion and no pets may be kept on the property.

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers your personal belongs, the items inside your property. This includes, for example, furniture, domestic appliances, electrical appliances, etc….

Who is responsible for insuring my property?

You will always be responsible for insuring the contents of your property however with regards to building insurance we recommend you check your lease in the first instance. If you are still unsure please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page

What would happen if I go ahead without obtaining consent?

If you carry out works without the consent of the Landlord and then later wish to sell your property, the buyer’s solicitors will probably delay completion of the sale as you will be deemed as being in breach of your lease until you obtain Retrospective Consent. The fee for obtaining Retrospective Consent may be substantially higher than if you applied before the work was carried out.

What do Subara do?

Subara act as an agent on behalf of our clients and deal with the upkeep and maintenance of the common parts of the building such as the front entrance and lobby, staircases or hallways. We also deal with collection of all service charges and other covenants (legally binding promises) stipulated within your lease agreement such as insurance, ground rent, major works etc… and ensure that the covenants stated within the same are upheld.

What size buildings do you manage?

Subara specialise in managing medium to larger sized buildings from 15 units to 100 units plus, we however are not prejudice and welcome with open arms buildings from 3 units upwards. Get in touch with us and we will always be happy to quote.

Resolving your Issues

Subara strive to deal with every matter with professionalism, efficiency and transparency. We do understand however, that complaints can still arise so we have put a procedure in place to ensure that every complaint is dealt with justly and completely. Please see our Complaints Process download on the contact us page for further information.

What is a service charge?

A service charge is an obligation set out to you in your lease to pay for the maintenance and keeping in in a good state of repair of your communal areas. This will also include complying with legislative requirements such as health and safety. The service charge is used to pay for the aforementioned and a lot more.

What is Ground Rent?

Ground Rent is a rent that is payable to the freeholder for the right to occupy a leasehold property. The amount of rent and dates that it is due is specified in the lease.

What happens if I don’t pay my Ground Rent?

Payment of Ground Rent charges is normally a condition of the lease and is obligatory. In order to obtain any type of consent or assign your lease you will need to prove that your Ground Rent is paid up to date.

All Ground Rent demand notices are issued in accordance with the Leasehold Reform Act.

Can I make alterations to my flat?

As a general rule any alteration that changes the appearance or structure of your property will require consent. Some examples (however, by no means exhaustive):

  • Fitting of new windows and doors (including double glazing)
  • Laying of wooden flooring
  • Extensions, conservatories and porches
  • Modification of internal walls

Please note if you make any changes to your property without consent you could be in breach of your lease.

What is buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the actual structure of your property and includes walls, roofs, floors etc… Outdoor structures such as garages and fences are normally also included.

What is a rebuilding cost?

Quite simply this is the cost of rebuilding your property if it is destroyed by an insured event.

What is a valuation?

This is the estimated worth of your property.

When do I require consent?

Consent is required for areas dictated by your lease but general matters are sub-letting, altering, keeping pets etc… It is always best to be sure so when you are doing anything that will affect your property we advise that you check your lease in the first instance and if you are still unsure then contact us.

Where can I find more information on Landlord and Tenants rights and obligations?

Please visit our Useful Information page where you can find some helpful articles.

For further individual information please check your lease in the first instance. If you require anything further then please do not hesitate to contact us or for independent advice please contact the government’s Leasehold Advisory Service LEASE at www.lease-advise.org which has a free telephone helpline.